Armor Vest

Your Guide to Body Armor Vest

Different levels of body armor vest are designed to be used in different degree of risk exposure as well. It is therefore relevant that the wearer should determine the kind of hazard they are apt to encounter in their line of work.

Covert style of armor vest or most commonly known as concealable vest are usually worn underneath the clothing. Hence this protective gear is designed to be as lightweight and as sleek as possible. It is made to be undetectable. The vest is manufactures from moisture wicking fabric so that the person wearing it remains cool and not hot.

This armor vest is most likely preferred by individuals who doesn’t want detected to be wearing them. People like undercover agents, protection officers and the likes.

Those you often see worn on top of people’s clothing are the covert type. They are produced with a much stronger fabric than the concealed body armor. At some point this body armor comes with high visibility strips or may be designed with high visibility materials to ensure that the person wearing it sticks out. It also most of the time comes in black color although there are also other colors available.

Overt types of body armor vest are commonly worn by law enforcers and militaries and even security personnel. This is because these men are likely to be encountering higher risk and danger in their line of work. Apparently, they need more protection from high-powered guns and ammunitions. Plus they are not only facing gun shots but also the possibility of getting attacked with knives and other sharp-edged weapons. As such, the armor vests they are wearing are usually resistant to both guns or rifles and knives.

So if you are thinking of buying one for yourself, it is best to figure out first your need. Buying those high leveled vest may be a waste of your money or getting the soft body armor may not be of help in protecting you in much advance high powered ammunition that you are likely to encounter. Ergo, it is remarkably important to choose the right kind of armor vest to the kind of danger you are about to face.